New transnational project meeting 31 mayo, 2023

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The meeting was the Transnational Project Meeting 5 (penultimate) of the project. The aim of the meeting was to present the results of the IO4, the creation of a pilot course for the training of university professors as experts in mentoring the dual career of disabled athletes. This feedback was presented by researchers from the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu,

In general, the participants of the pilot course (20 teachers from Italy, Spain, Ireland, Romania and Portugal), have shown their overall satisfaction with the course. Some minor bugs and technical issues have been raised and will be fixed for the final version.

The meeting also presented the draft of what will be the “European Handbook” on dual career disability and sport, a book that will summarise the main findings of the project and will serve as a guide for other universities to replicate this methodology in their institutions and expand the support network for the dual career of the athlete with a disability.

Finally, the date of the last meeting in Madrid (headquarters of the ONCE Foundation) has been set for 27 June, where the project will conclude and the creation of the Dual Career, Disability and Sport Observatory will be presented, which will be aimed at continuing to monitor progress in this field.

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