Our project


The project is divided into the following 6 Intellectual Outputs (O). The O1 and O2 correspond to the research activities of the state of the art, which aim at detecting obstacles, needs and barriers of this group in their sports and academic careers, according to their degree of disability and personal background.

This information will serve as a basis for the creation of a guide of good practices and the design and development of the contents and structure of the innovative online curriculum aimed at training expert mentors (O3). Based on this comprehensive curriculum, an interactive online open access course will be designed and developed.


Terms of structure

Its suitability, both in terms of structure, content and proper functioning, will be analysed through the implementation of a pilot course. The results and information obtained from this experience will serve to improve and adapt the initial proposal (O4).

In addition to this, taking into account all the information collected and analysed in the project, as well as the main results of the project, a European handbook will be developed to disseminate the results and make possible the dual career of disabled university sportsmen and women in other territories (O5). Finally, an Observatory on Dual Career, Disability and Sport will be created to evaluate and monitor the development of this topic.


Intelectual Outputs

O1. Documentary research activities (deskwork)

A1. Formal evidence-based data collection and literature review.
A2. Documentary research reports.

O2. Field research activities (fieldwork)

A3. Design and/or selection of the tools to carry out the field research.
A4. Application of questionnaires.
A5. Focus groups.
A6. Field research reports and scientific publication. (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V)
A7. Good practice guide on social inclusion, adapted sport and Dual Career.

O3. Development of the innovative course curriculum

A8. Design and development of the contents and structure of a comprehensive innovative curriculum to train mentors for student-athletes with disabilities.

Intelectual Outputs

O4. Implementation of the innovative course curriculum

A9. Design and development of the online tools.
A10. Development of the Pilot Course. -A10a. Workshop with University Administrative Staff. -A10b. Workshop with stakeholders.
A11. Pre-post data collection and analysis and design of the final innovative course.

O5. European Handbook “Para-Limits, Dual Career, Disability and Sport”

A12. Design and development of a European handbook based on guidelines and recommendations to facilitate and/or enable the dual career of students-athletes with disabilities, considering the results of the project (I) (II).

O6. Observatory on Dual Career, Disability and Sport

A13. Creation of the observatory on dual career, disability and sport.


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