Final meeting FONCE (MADRID, SPAIN)

Tuesday, June 27th:

  • 9:00 Welcoming partners by Jose Luis Martínez Donoso, General Director Fundación ONCE and Alejandro Leiva Arcas (Para-Limits Project leader Universidad Católica de Murcia)
  • 10:00 MULTIPLIER EVENT (Challenges and opportunities of a Dual Career) by Laura Capranica, European Athlete Students President, Juan Alfonso García Roca, Professor UCAM and Luis Leardy and María Delgado, Spanish Paralympic. Moderator: Fernando Riaño, Director of Sustainability/ ESG and Institutional Relations, ONCE Social Group and Institutional Relations of the ONCE Social Group Committee representative
  • 10:45 COFFEE BREAK
  • 11:15 High Competition Athletes and the University Experience by Carla Casals. University Paralympic Athlete (Paralympic trainer program FONCE) and Ignacio Arribas, University Paralympic Athlete. (Paralympic Committee). Moderator: María Delgado, Paralympic Committee
  • 12:00Presentation of Paralimits Project ( Objectives, partners and context, Intellectual Outputs, Results and next steps: observatory and Signature of Observatory principles and commitments)
  • 13:00 LUNCH BREAK
  • 14:45 Financial and justification aspects
  • 15:15 The Observatory’s future by Alejandro Leiva Arcas (All partners participate)
  • 16:00 Next steps (All partners bring ideas about following steps to make the project grow. Discussion).
  • 17:00 End of the meeting
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