Workshop Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion. 30 mayo, 2023

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What the event consisted of

Last Monday, February 27th. It took place the workshop Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion. This event was held at the Faculty of Sport of the UCAM and its objective was to introduce and show the attendees the progress made during the implementation of the Para-Limits project, and in short, a brief introduction to it.

This was the itinerary that was followed during the event:

  • Introduction and detailed explanation of the Para-Limits project.
  • Phases of the project and what each one of them consists of.
  • Current phase of the project
  • Introduction to the web platform
  • Training/Course and everything related to its contents.

What does the training/course consist of

The contents of the course are mainly focused on the training of this PAS (Administration and Services Personal/Staff). With the objective of being able to educate and help the community of professionals within the university to develop the qualities and skills necessary to be able to work side by side with those people to whom this project is dedicated. These people are:

Every high-level sportsmen and women with any kind of disability to successfully complete their sports and university careers without undermining one over the other.

Who attended


During the first event of the workshop we received the Administration and Services Personal/Staff of the UCAM, also known as PAS.

It should be noted that they will be the ones who will receive the training course through the project’s web platform.


Stakeholders, on the other hand, came to the second meeting of the workshop with an introduction to the project practically the same as the first attendees.

However, the information they were offered was a bit more oriented to the internal part of the project, and not so much to the course:

  • The progress during the research.
  • The current objectives.
  • Short, medium and long term goals.
  • Achievements to date

In short, a letter of introduction for all those interested in the project so that they could keep up to date with all the news.

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